The pilgrim Rosary of the Jubilee at the Dominican Monastery of St. Jude in Marbury (Alabama - USA) - October 27th and 28th

On the occasion of our 800th Jubilee, the Dominican Order has organized an international Pilgrim Rosary hosted in turn by each of the 202 monasteries of cloistered Dominican nuns throughout the world.  Our monastery’s assigned dates are Thursday, October 27 – Friday, October 28, the feast of Sts. Simon and Jude.

On Thursday, we will be celebrating the Joyful Mysteries and Luminous Mysteries of the Rosary.  We will celebrate the Glorious Mysteries on Friday morning.

Pilgrim Rosary

On Friday, October 28, from 3:00 pm – 4:00 pm, all are invited to our Pilgrim Rosary celebration of the Sorrowful Mysteries. 
This event will begin with the nuns’ singing None (Mid-afternoon Prayer from the Liturgy of the Hours).  Fr. Gabriel Torretta, O.P. will then preach on the Sorrowful Mysteries, followed by the recitation of the Rosary with chant meditations sung by the Dominican nuns.  There will not be a reception, but all are invited to attend the preaching and prayer.

In the back of the chapel we will have available print copies of our Dominican Rosary Meditation booklet (link is to PDF file), along with some cord Rosaries handmade by the Dominican nuns.

Please note: our chapel has a very limited seating capacity, but we will try to post audio files of our Pilgrim Rosary celebrations here on our website afterwards for all those who wish to join us in spirit.  You can join us in spirit any time—after all, we are always praying the Rosary!

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