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An aviary is...

An aviary is a large enclosure in which birds are. A rosary is a rose garden in which roses are cultivated and can be admired.

Going up the Aventine Hill in Rome, there is one such rose garden, called roseto comunale which is in full bloom in May. Some of the roses are known for their shape, others for their colour, and others for their perfume. People visiting the rose-garden have much to admire in terms of roses.


Arma poderosa también hoy

Era un siete de octubre. En aguas de Lepanto, contra toda humana previsión, las tropas cristianas vecían a las del Islam. Europa se libraba del peligro musulmán y lo hacía retroceder más allá de sus fronteras. Todos vieron que no habían sido las armas visibles las que triunfaron. Aquel siete de octubre, durante el combate, se recorrían las calles de Roma rezando el Rosario y el papa Dominico Pío V desgranaba sus cuentas con la fe poderosa de quien exprime los misterios divinos en favor de los hombres.


The Mysteries of Light

I have a weakness for stories about little creatures being changed into big strong beings. As for fairy-tales about frogs that emerge as handsome princes, and swans that turn into lovely ladies, they seem to say something very deep to me. These transformation stories speak to every heart that longs for change, or that seeks a lift to higher ways.


Linger in love with the Lord

Popes Paul VI and John Paul II when writing of the Rosary, advised that it be said with a lingering pace and with a rhythm of tranquility . Speed kills, not only on the roads, but on the pathways of life. For those who know and love the Virgin-Mother of Jesus, the Rosary becomes a blissfully simple exercise. Resting in the arms of Mary, they attune themselves to the beat of her Immaculate Heart. And the lullaby that she sings to them, is the love-song of her Son--the lyric of his life, death and glory.


O “Rosário da Virgem Maria” na nossa vida cristã

1 - A importância da oração na nossa vida.

Assim como o alimento é indispensável para o corpo, a oração é essencial para o espírito. É na oração, pessoal e comunitária, que encontramos as forças necessárias para a nossa vida cristã, para vivermos bem os ensinamentos, a doutrina de Jesus Cristo e também para podermos enfrentar as dificuldades e as contrariedades que a vida diariamente nos apresenta.


Las cuatro montañas del rezo del Rosario

En el rezo del Rosario se nos anima a subir cuatro montañas, una en cada grupo de misterios.

Sabemos que las montañas son un elemento religioso muy importante para el pueblo de Israel. Al rezar los salmos decimos que Dios «hace brincar al Líbano como a un novillo, al Sarión como una cría de búfalo» (Sal 28,6), expresando así su gran poder; y también alabamos a Dios diciéndole: «el Tabor y el Hermón aclaman tú nombre» (Sal 88,13), pues las montañas participan de nuestra oración junto al resto de la creación.


The busy mind is a troubled mind

The busy mind is a troubled mind,
the quiet mind is a wholesome mind,
but the still mind is a divine mind.

John who was letting things get him down by excessive care and concern for detail heard these words, as he prayed. “Don't try to reason things out. Don't be concerned by what other people think of you, or what their plans and projects may be. Don't let the future hem you in or let the past invade your present space.


Acolher Jesus Cristo: a Sua mensagem de paz, de amor e perdão

Jesus Cristo é a nossa alegria, o nosso tesouro. Acolher a Sua mensagem de paz, de amor e de perdão, significa encontrar-se com Ele, com a Sua Palavra, viva e eficaz; significa redescobrir a pertença à Igreja, desde o nosso baptismo, comprometendo-nos com Ele, com todo o coração, com todas as nossas forças.

A renovação da Igreja depende do exemplo, do bom testemunho de todos nós e também da entrega dos jovens e dos cristãos em geral, que são chamados a trabalhar na vinha do Senhor, com muita generosidade e alegria, sempre assíduos e firmes na Fé.


The History of my heart

I cannot tell you the history of my heart unless I share with you something of the journey, which for fifty years took me all over the roads of Ireland and Great Britain where I have many precious friends and lovely memories. All these have been joined together by the golden chain of the Rosary. They form indeed a living Rosary and one sweet mystery of life.



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