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Meeting with... Deepa Sandra Cutinha

Deepa, you're from India and you led a Rosary Chain. Can you tell us about your experience?

I led the Chain Rosary on 4th (May) Midnight starting from 12:00 am. The task of reciting the rosary at each hour was well managed by informing the next person to recite once one person was done with it. For e.g., Herald’s timing was 2:00 – 3:00. At 2:50 he reminded the next person in the chain by calling to continue. Similarly there were reminders for the people during the day to recite and surprisingly all were very enthusiastic to perform this task given to them.


Meeting with... Michelle Bermudez

Michelle, you are 28 years old and come from California. Can you tell us about your devotion to the Rosary?
When I reflect on the rosary, the words of St. Francis come to mind "preach always and if necessary use words". As a hairdresser, I constantly converse with clients about various topics. However, our manager recommended that I not discuss "controversial topics" like religion. But despite the obstacle, Our Lady has helped me to help others by the example of St.

Rencontre avec... Sœur Cécilia de la Trinité

Le 25 août 2012 a été un grand jour pour les Dominicaines de Monteils. Trois jeunes filles ont pris l'habit et sont entrées au noviciat. Puis trois novices ont fait leurs premiers vœux. Enfin Sœur Cécilia de la Trinité et Sœur Marie-Sabine ont fait leur profession perpétuelle...

Elles ont été entourées de huit Soeurs Jubilaires : depuis le Jubilé d'argent (50 ans), jusqu'à celui d'albâtre (75ans) et même de chêne (80 ans) !



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