On the way to the Jubilee


Each passing day brings us closer to the Jubilee of the Dominican Order which opens on the 7th of November. In 2016, in fact, the Order of Preachers will celebrate 800 years of existence!

The months which separate us from this event will permit us to prepare to celebrate with thanksgiving.

During the coming weeks, you will be informed, through different articles and editorials, of what will be proposed for the Jubilee, in link with the rosary. A detailed calendar will in fact soon be on line, available to all.

A "Pilgrim Rosary" will travel to all the monasteries of nuns of the order. From Prouilhe to Fatima, it will visit more than 200 Dominican monasteries around the world. This journey of the Rosary will feed our prayer and support the preaching of the sons and daughters of Saint Dominic!

Also, each month of the Jubilee, a special day will be chosen. With a connection to the liturgy and the apostolate, it will permit the praying of the rosary in link with a given intention, in communion with the whole Order. Finally, the site of the Rosary of the Order, this site that is yours and is always more visited - we will soon exceed the 500,000 connections since its inception! - will be reorganized to provide you with an updated version.

The coming weeks will not be restful! So we rely on your support, of course. If you want to help us for the Jubilee, please feel free to contact us. And above all, do not forget to integrate the preparation and smooth running of the Jubilee in your prayer... of the Rosary!

Happy New Year 2015 to all and everyone!

Fr. Louis-Marie ARIÑO-DURAND, o.p.

General Promoter of the Rosary